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Plyus 39 Eood

Plyus 39 Eood is established in Bulgaria since 2007 and over the years, with seriousness and competence, has earned the trust of its partners, both Bulgarian and Italian.

The company imports, it represents and distributes , with exclusive, in Bulgaria important Italian brands in the Industry and Automotive sectors.

Our mission is to turn to a niche market that aims to solve the most demanding technical requirements and production of our customers, providing them with a highly professional service that it must match an excellent value for money.

At the same time Plyus 39 Eood is always ready to cooperate actively with their Bulgarian partners by promoting their products through our partners that operate on the Italian market.

This form of synergy is in fact the formula that helps us grow but mostly helped strengthen human relationships with all our partners.

The 10-year-milestone is for us an incentive to continue on this road, spreading more and more our horizons of cooperation and with the aim to grow also in providing a service of spare parts and items for faster and technologically advanced maintenance.


Tecnofluid offers itself as company at the forefront in the branch of hydraulics. Biggest merit of the company is the modern technical office, able to propose effective solutions for the widest range of needs, from plant engineering to the realization of custom devices on client°s specific request.

The winning combination of solid know-how and attention to the customer°s requests renders Tecnofluid more than just a supplier: Tecnofluid is the ideal partner, able to supply flexible solutions which satisfy the customer with quickness and efficacy.

Thanks to the plurennial and permanent partnership with customers who are key players in the electromechanical field, Tecnofluid confirms its role of reliable partner, innovative and trustworthy.


Since 1975, ILC has been one of the leading manufacturers of components and equipment for centralised lubrication.

Founded in 1975 by Marco Morelli, ILC achieved a worldwide leading position in a short time in the sector related to components for centralised lubrication. In fact, ILC has grown in terms of turnover, size and organisation and has become an important company thanks to commercial companies that provide a direct presence in all major markets.

Factories in Gorla Maggiore and Minore (Varese), which occupy 5000 m2 of covered area, are operating the latest generation machines that allow you to produce, with great flexibility and precision, all the components for assembly lines. In line with market expectations, the service that ILC guarantees customers is excellent: it is based on collaboration, competence and flexibility and is supported by well-stocked warehouses, skilled technicians and quality inexpensive products.


Baruffaldi started its business in the machine tools branch about 60 years ago with the manufacturing of mechanical clutches, followed by the electromagnetic brakes and clutches.

Thanks to the development of the market and to the experience gained, during the 70s, Baruffaldi started the production of components for machine tools, as electromechanical turrets, tool-holders and 2 speed gearboxes.

Nowadays, the products have maintained their high quality standard, but have considerably improved their characteristics, thanks to a continuous cooperation among between Customer and Company and internally among design, test, production and sales departments.


The COMEB company began operating at the end of the 1970s. It is a small engineering workshop specialising in lathe work and milling for mechanical parts, according to orders.

In the 1980s, thanks to the experience gained, the company worked under contract and in collaboration with Baruffaldi Frizioni Spa, a leading company in the production of parts for factory machinery. The COMEB company produced starter-motors, mechanical and electro-magnetic gears, clutches and electro-magnetic single-disc and notched brakes.

The company has a well-organised, highly specialised staff that allows it to undertake the most exacting work according the particular needs of clients.


Saber is one of Europe°s leading manufacturers of recirculation pumps specialized in the beverage and tool machinery industries. Our technical expertise, know-how and compliance to the delivery terms are our key features. Our commitment in research and development allows us to deliver advanced solutions unique in the market, without having to compromise on the high quality and reliability that characterize our products. As a result, we are able to offer a wide range of products and services, always aiming to meet our customers’ expectations. In addition to our standard range of equipment, we offer our customers the opportunity to customize the product according to their specific requirements.


PROTEC SRL is specialised in the manufacture of safety guard systems and safety devices for machinery. Over the years the company has developed its products to offer a complete range and a concrete solution to all specific requests. Our Technical Department is able to meet every customer requirement. It will always be at your disposal to design solutions for any necessities. Besides PROTEC SRL can count on the Sicura°s Group organization to intervene in the adaptation of the machinery by the final client.

A&G Martinelli

Since 1949 A&G Martinelli is engaged in industrial lubrication equipment.

Nowadays A&G Martinelli can satisfy the customer needs in the industrial automation area with a special interest to the innovation.


Airwork is Italian company specialized in solutions for the industrial automation. A real passion for the product pushes our company toward a continuous development and innovation in a segment which is in constant evolution.Pneumatic cylinders, valves and FRL are the three product families which are chosen by a growing number of customers worldwide and appreciated for their premium quality.


The company TAI-TECH srl, based in Bollate and Turbigo, in the province of Milan, was founded by T.A.I. TECNOLOGIA ED AUTOMAZIONE INDUSTRIALE SRL and by ITAMA SRL with the objective to design, manufacture and market CNC machine tools. The reason of the success of TAI-TECH is given just by the commitment of the Company owners in searching winning technologies that are carried out with the production of the most innovative and advanced Computerized Numeric Control Machine Tools.

All TAI-TECH machines are handled by the best Numerical Controls on the market, thus giving the possibility to every user to choose the best programming solution, even on board the machine. Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain and Selca are the potential choices of Our Customers. All these CNC machines are equipped with the latest CPUs for fast processing of programming data and are therefore suitable also to be used for 3D high speed machining.


Since 1947, an activity of more than 50 years has marked out the progress and development covered by Bianchini in order to attain and assert its current position as leader in the manufacture of drills.

The company extends over an area of than 8,000 sq. m, 3,500 of which to are covered. It is equipped with the most highly advanced and modern requisites in order to successfully deal with the challenges of the new millennium.


Thenar for more than 25 years, produces and commercialises industrial components of high quality and reliability. Thanks to the remarkable experience acquired in the field and to the direct production, Thenar proposes itself as a partner able to meet every requirement through articles with an excellent quality/price ratio.


The RÜSCH WERKE was founded in 1827 and came to work Josef Ignaz R?sch in Dornbirn in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, between Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The company produced hand looms and other machinery mainly for the textile industry and agriculture. In a short time the production is specialized in the construction of turbines and systems for hydraulic power, becoming a company of reference in the engineering sector and providing especially German industry.

It was one of Europe°s earliest manufacturers of band saws for metals.

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